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09 avril 2017

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23 janvier 2017

Edgar Allan Poe's bibliography




* The narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket, 1838.

* The journal of Julius Rodman, 1840.



* Maelzel's Chess Player, 1836.

* The Philosophy of Furniture, 1840.

* A Few Words on Secret Writing, 1841.

* Morning on the Wissahiccon, 1844.

* The Balloon- Hoax, 1844.

*The Philosophy of Composition, 1846.

*Eureka : A Prose Poem, 1848.

* The Rationale of Verse, 1848.

* The poetic Principle, 1848.



*Metzengerstein, 1832.

*The Duc de l'Omelette, 1832.

* A Tale of Jerusalem, 1832.

*Loss of Breath, 1832.

*Bon-Bon, 1832.

*MS. Found in a Bottle, 1833.

*The Assignation, 1834.

*Berenice, 1835.

*Morella, 1835.

*Lionizing, 1835.

*The Unparalleled Adventure of One Hans Pfaall, 1835.

*King Pest, 1835.

*Shadow- A parable, 1835.

*Four Beasts in One- The Homo Cameleopard, 1836.

*Mystification, 1837.

*Silence- A fable, 1838.

*Ligeia, 1838.

*How to write a Backwood Article, 1838.

*A predicament, 1838.

*The Devil in the Belfry, 1839.

*The man that was used up, 1839.

*The Fall of the House of Usher, 1839.

*William Wilson, 1839. 

*The Conversation of Eiros and Charmion, 1939.

*Why the Little Frenchman Wears His Hand in a Sling, 1840

*The Business Man, 1840.

*The Man of the Crowd, 1840.

*The Murders in the Rue Morgue, 1840.

*A Descent into the Maelström, 1840.

*The Island of the Fay, 1841.

*The Colloquy of Monos and Una, 1841.

*Never Bet the Devil Your Head, 1841.

*Eleonora, 1841.

*Three Sundays in a Week, 1841.

*The Oval Portrait, 1842.

*The Masque of the Red Death, 1842.

*The Landscape Garden, 1842.

*The Mystery of Marie Rogêt, 1842.

*The Pit and the Pendulum, 1842.

*The Tell-Tale Heart,1843.

*The Gold-Bug, 1843.

*The Black Cat, 1843.

*Diddling, 1844

*The Spectacles, 1844.

*A Tale of the Ragged Mountains, 1844.

*The Premature Burial, 1844.

*Mesmeric Revelation, 1844.

*The Oblong Box, 1844.

*The Angel of the Odd, 1844.

*Thou Art the Man, 1844.

*The Literary Life of Thingum Bob, Esq, 1844.

*The Purloined Letter, 1844.

*The Thousand-and-Second Tale of Scheherazade, 1845.

*Some Words with a Mummy, 1845.

*The Power of Words, 1845.

*The Imp of the Perverse, 1845.

*The System of Doctor Tarr and Professor Fether , 1845.

*The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar, 1845.

*The Sphinx,1846.

*The Cask of Amontillado, 1846.

*The Domain of Arnheim, 1847.

*Mellonta Tauta, 1849.

*Hop-Frog, 1849.

*Von Kempelen and His Discovery, 1849.

*X-ing a Paragrab, 1849.




O,Tempora!O,Mores!, 1825

Tamerlane, 1827

Imitation, 1827

Dream, 1827

The lake, 1827

Spirits of Dead, 1827

Evening Star, 1827

Stanzas, 1827

The Happiest Day, 1827

Alone, 1829

To Isaac Lea, 1829

To the river, 1829

Romance, 1829

Fairy-Land, 1829

Sonnet to science, 1829

Al Aaraaf, 1829

An Acrostic, 1829

Elizabeth, 1829

To Helen,1831

A paean, 1831

The sleeper, 1831

The City In The Sea, 1831

The Valley of Unrest, 1831

Israfel, 1831

Enigma, 1833

Fanny, 1833

The coliseum, 1833

Serenade, 1833

To One In Paradise, 1834

Hymn, 1835

May Queen Ode, 1836

Spiritual song, 1836

Latin hymn, 1836

Bridal Ballad, 1837

Sonnet-to Zante, 1837

The Haunted Palace, 1839

Silence-A Sonnet, 1840

Lines on Joe Locke, 1843

The Conqueror, 1843

Worm, 1843

Lenore, 1943

A Campaign Song,1844

Dream-Land, 1844

Impromptu.To Kate, 1845

Eulalie, 1845

Epigram for Wall Street, 1845

The raven, 1845

The Divine Rightof Kings, 1845

A Valentine, 1846

Beloved Physician, 1847

Deep In Earth, 1847

To M.L, 1847

The Home Journal, 1847

Ulalume, 1847

Lines on Ale, 1848

To Marie-Louise, 1848

An Enigma, 1848

To Helen, 1848

A Dream Within a Dream, 1849

Eldorado, 1849

For Annie, 1849

To My Mother, 1849

Annabel Lee, 1849

The Bells, 1849 














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22 janvier 2017

Pupils' book covers






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17 janvier 2017

Edgar Allan Poe's Biography




Edgar Allan Poe (Boston, in January 19th, 1809 - Baltimore, in October 7th, 1849) was a poet, a novelist, a short story writer, a literary critic, a playwright and American publisher, as well as one of the main faces of the American romanticism. He is considered as the inventor of the police novel. Loads of his works the kinds of the science fiction and the fantasy.

Edgar Poe is considered as the inventor of the police novel. His works are often close to the science fiction and to the fantasy, the kinds which were not invented yet. American author, he was recognized and defended by French authors, Charles Baudelaire and Stéphane Mallarmé who translated his books.


Second English child of an actress named Elizabeth Arnold Hopkins Poe and an actor named David Poe Junior, Edgar Allan Poe had no easy childhood. Abandoned by his father in 1810, her mother, affected by tuberculosis, died in 1811. 3-year-old, Edgar Poe is adopted by John and Frances Allan. At the same time spoiled and educated hard, Edgar will take the name of his foster parents without having formally been adopted. He went to the university but, for lack of money, he gave up.

After an attempt to join the army, he decided to dedicate itself to the writing. At the age of 18, he chained odd jobs as writer in newspapers, he writes under the nickname of Henri Le Rennet. His first poems not taking away particular success, he settled down at an aunt's, in Baltimore, whose girl he married.

He occupied then literary critic's post and began to drink. He publishee in 1838 the Adventures of Arthur Gordon Pym and the extraordinary Stories in 1839, considered as the success of his work.


On October 3rd, 1849, Poe was found delirious in the streets of Baltimore. He was nursed at the University of medicine of Washington where he died on Saturday, October 7th, 1849 at 5 am. We do not know the exact cause of its death. During his agony, Poe was never coherent and has never explained why he was in this state and carried clothes which were not his. It is said that he repeated many times Reynolds' name before his death. Nobody knew about what he spoke. His last words were "God helps my poor soul".

Several hypotheses were emitted: either Poe would have died of disease (cholera, épilespsie, cardiac diseases, rabies, meningitis, syphilis ...) or he would have suffered from a common practice in this period: the cooping.

The cooping was a form of electoral fraud in the United States during the 19th century by which unwilling participants were forced to vote, often several times over, for a particular candidate in an election. They would be kept in a room, called the "coop", and given alcoholic beverages in order for them to comply. If they refused to cooperate, they would be beaten or even killed. Often their clothing would be changed to allow them to vote multiple times. Sometimes the victims would be forced to wear disguises such as wigs, fake beards or mustaches to prevent them from being recognized by voting officials at polling stations.

We do not know the exact cause of the death of Poe. The only thing which is certain is that he died but his secret is buried with him.

Marine, Charlie, Julia.

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16 janvier 2017

Different adaptations

The "Black Cat"by Edgar Allan Poe has been adapted...


in differents movies:

 - The Black Cat, Bela Lugosi 1934

- Tales of Terror, Roger Corman's 1962

- The Black Cat, Harold Hoffman 1966

- The Black Cat, Lucio Fulci's 1981

- Masters Horror eleventh episode of the second season 2007



 -Gino Severini, The Black Cat 1910



 - 7 pages of yellowjack comics 1944



Léa and Hanna

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10 janvier 2017

Our opinions about "The Black Cat"

your opinion

« This short story was very surprising. When I began to read this story, I didn't expect a story like that. I really loved this strange universe. Edgar Poe is really a good writer. » A.


« It was good. » P.


« I really liked this story, this was original. » H.


« It was quite macabre. » Y.


« This story is so creepy. » D.


« I liked this story because we enter in the writer's mind. » M.


« I liked this story because it's different from the other stories that we are used to read. » C.


« I have found this story intriguing. » Z.


« This short story is doubtless the strangest which I have read, because this one concerns alcoholism and the ill-treatment of animals. It strengthens, the idea of the legend of The Black Cat. This short story makes us think about the human psychology. » T.


« Creepy. It's shady. » F.


« This is very scary. » J.


« Amazing. » C.


« The reading of short story didn't let me indifferent. Indeed, my opinion is split between fright and curiosity. Edgar Allan Poe possesses a beautiful writing but surprising. He makes us think about the human nature. This reading can not please everybody, some may consider it as creepy but pleasant. » C.


« It frightens me. » L.


« I liked the story but it was terrifying. » D.


« It was great but strange. » L.


« I liked it but it was weird. » H.

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03 janvier 2017

The Freedom Riders

Freedom Riders



Freedom Rides - Black History - HISTORY.com

Find out more about the history of Freedom Rides, including videos, interesting articles, pictures, historical features and more. Get all the facts on HISTORY.com



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04 décembre 2016

"Black is beautiful" filmography


 Here is a list of films that you could watch during your next Christmas holidays. Enjoy!

  • « Cotton Club » (1984)
  • « The Color Purple » (1985)
  • « Mississippi burning » (1988)
  •  « Glory » (1989)
  • « Malcolm X » (1992)
  • « Amistad » (1997)
  •  « Beloved » (1998)
  • « The Help (2011)
  • "Lincoln" (2012)
  •  « The Butler » (2013)
  • « 12 years a slave » (2013)
  • « Selma » (2014)
  • « Roots » (2016)

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20 septembre 2016

Canada medal count

image blog

This document is a cartoon in which we can see a family who has an unhealthy lifestyle because they eat junk food, don't do sport and always stay inside.

The members are like couch potatoes, the father is reading a newspaper, the mother is commenting the news and eating chips.

The little boy is playing with his console on the ground and even the cat is too tired and sleeping.

Seeing the newspaper headline, we can conclude the woman is referring to the bad results of Canada's national sports team at the Olympics games.

According to her, the problem is Canada has won less medals because of the training and the diet.

As a matter of fact, this cartoon is based on the contrast between this family's unhealthy lifestyle and the newspaper headline.

The cartoonist wants us to react, to eat correctly and to practise exercise before it's too late.

We find this message effective because when you see this, you don't want to be like them so you do necessarily things not to become overweight.



- Cartoon = dessin

- Couch potatoes = légumes (family)

- Unhealthy = mauvais pour la santé

- Junk food = nourriture grasse et calorique

- Diet = nutrition

- Newspaper headline = titre d'un journal

- Overweight = surpoids


Sources = caglecartoons.com


Auteurs =Julia Grigy, Luana Gimenez 1L3


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Obesity in the world

Obesity is an abnormal accumulation or excess of corporeal fat which can harm our health.


Main fact :

-In 2014, more than 1,9 billion of adult, were overweight

600 billion were obese.

-About 13 % of adult world population were obese in 2014.

-39 % of adult were overweight

-The prevalence of obesity has more than doubled globally between 1980 and 2014.




There are less than 10 % of obese in the yellow countries

There are between 10 and 20 % of obese in the beige countries

There are between 20 and 30 % of obese in the orange countries

There is more of 30 % of obese in the red countries


The causes of obesity and overweight are :

- an increase of caloric foods with lots of lipids

- a lack of physical activities due to changes of habits and ways of working




 Consequences :

- heart attack

- diabetes

- osteoarthritis and others musculoskeletal disorders

- cancers






 Charlie Borderes et Zoïa Tescher. 1L3




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